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They’re coming thick and fast … A beaut from Daily Dead:

“By insisting on strong performances and artful craftsmanship, Bruckner uses horror film language to its utmost effectiveness. The film doesn’t reinvent its tropes, but it reminds us why they can be so entertaining. Bruckner is an essential voice in modern horror, and his new feature displays all of his strengths. Its primitive horror and authentic mythology draw the audience into the forest and allows them to get lost in a place where monsters wait.”

Full review here

A refreshingly sensitive take on the film, insightful too, from Screenwords:

“This is a visually stylish film, exciting, enjoyable, and deceptively simple. It is both a straightforward survival horror thriller, and somehow, if one chooses to see that, also something elegantly profound and quite beautiful: an acknowledgement of how traumatic, frightening and lonely guilt and grief can be.”

Full review here

And from someone who doesn’t like horror films …

“If like me, you’re a bit of a wuss and don’t think your stomach will be able to sit through ‘The Ritual’, then I’d say, give it a go. It may very well surprise you!”
Full review here

Some buzz from Buzzmag in Wales:

“This is far from a horror comedy however, it’s four ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances well-captured in the script and the performances of Spall, Robert James Collier, Arsher Ali and Sam Troughton. Heavy on Blair Witch style atmosphere The Ritual is a strong entry in the UK horror canon.”

Full review here

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