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Here’s another airdrop of good to terrific supernatural/supernormal/weird/horror films I’ve watched over the last few weeks. All highly recommended [disclaimer: these are to my taste] – though I don’t have the capacity right now to write about them in the detail they deserve. But, you know I’m good for it …

YellowBrickRoad – how have I not seen this film before? Seems to have been released at a time when every other horror film featured a woman being dragged backwards on the dvd cover. No one, until recently, has recommended this film to me, nor have I ever seen it on a popular or even obscure horror film list. But check it out. Wonderful outdoor horror. Bought the DVD.

We Go On – a supernatural horror from by the directors of YellowBrickRoad. Bought the DVD.

The Unfolding – under-appreciated Brit paranormal investigation film set on Dartmoor in dear old Devon. Bought the DVD.

[all three of these recs were from Facebook]

Black Mountain – (also called Black Mountain Side) I was really gripped by this film & it’s another terror in the great outdoors story. Thing-shming: this stands up on its own feet. Remarkably, the guy who wrote, produced and directed was 21 years old. Respect. Bought the DVD.

I Remember You – beautiful and chilling Icelandic horror film available for free on Prime.
[another FB rec’]

Annihilation – now on UK Netflix and it really is worth doing the double here, on the book by Jeff VanderMeer and Alex Garland’s film. Each a smorgasbord of cosmic awe.
Caught the film last night. Turned the TV on, switched channel from my Nipper’s Pokemon and low and behold … the shimmer was just there, waiting for me.

I’ve read that “Stay-at-home & free” is undermining theatrical releases, but how do they counter that kind of industry disruption? I have no idea, but I do both and it’s not a problem for me as a consumer: I just see more.


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