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As a teen I made scores of mix tapes, anthologies of metal and heavy rock compilations on cassette (often using 4 packs of C90s from Woolworths). I even made covers with photos from Kerrang! I spent hours doing this. Years!

In 1999 the two vinyl cases, that were like briefcases, and that were filled with all of my mixtapes, were stolen from the boot of my car in London. I still mourn their loss and actually feel acute anguish when I think of those treasures lost, inc’ a vast set of live shows from Tommy Vance’s Rock Show that I listened to weekly. What I fantasised about doing to the thieves I will not repeat here.

But, I do believe, this is the first mixed tape I have created since the arrival of the compact disc. My Voice of Cassandre mixtape is up and dancing at this link. I really enjoyed compiling the playlist and if I ever had a radio show it would go something like this.

There is an odd intro jingle the show uses with a women speaking Japanese over Jazz piano (wtf is this false metal? I thought) and then my music starts at around 1 min 40 secs.

Tracklist :
Hell Destroyer – Cage (from Hell Destroyer)

Ze Nigmar – Rotting Christ (from Rituals)

Arctic Leech – Darkthrone (from Arctic Thunder)

Moon Above, Sun Below – Opeth (from Pale Communion)

Ulvinde – Mareridt (from Myrkur)

Piss – Ministry (from Animositisomina)

Sucker for the Witch – Clutch (from Psychic Warfare)

Let it Go – Godsmack (from When Legends Rise)

Make It Out Alive – Rancid (from Troublemaker)

Descending Angel – Misfits (from Famous Monsters)

I Was Wrong – Social Distortion (from White Light, White Heat, White Trash)

Cold, Dark Place – Mastodon (from Cold, Dark Place)

Call Me a Dog – Temple of the Dog (from Temple of the Dog)

Black to Blue – Alice in Chains (from Black Gives Way to Blue)


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