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“For a long time I thought horror had lost it’s power to scare and intimidate me, well Adam Nevill’s dark and brutal ghost story crept up behind me and restored my faith in horror fiction.  Brutal, shocking, scary and unnerving, No One Gets Out Alive is the best haunted house story I have read in long time”

“Top of the pile was “No One Gets Out Alive” by Adam Neville. A bleak haunted house story, it concerns a woman trapped in her grubby lodgings by a vicious landlord and other forces beyond his control. Deeply psychological and harrowing, it’s an unforgettable study of cruelty that has plenty of surprises up its sleeve and drags you right to hell and back with it.”

“The “Ahh, I Get It Now” Award – I know this is going to sound strange but sometimes I avoid an author’s work because I’m concerned that all the positive buzz can’t possibly live up to expectations. Eventually though, I can bear the suspense no longer, and I find myself taking a chance. In 2014 this happened twice. Firstly with No One Gets Out Alive by Adam Nevill, and then with The Wolves of London by Mark Morris. Nevill’s work is extremely dark and very often brutal. It’s utterly mesmerising, you want to look away but you can’t. Meanwhile, Mark Morris manages to deftly capture the darkness inherent in urban fantasy. Both books are immensely good and highly recommended.
“House of Small Shadows – Adam Nevill: The best new horror novel I read all year.”
“Hailed as “Britain’s answer to Stephen King”, I must admit this time the description wasn’t just a catchy trick. Nevill’s book brought me not only hours of delightful reading but some interesting twists and good horror scenes as well. Plus, reading about stuffed kittens all dressed up and taking tea is really creepy, believe me.”
“This book draws you in from page 1. it gave me an atmosphere of genuine fear. I’ve always loved a good horror story, and mostly the ones that play unashamedly on your psyche and senses, but this is just something that goes beyond that. Every part of your mind is opened to the deep seated fears and horrors within you, by taking you further and further into the darkness and by making you realise that it’s only the beginning. so yes This is one of my favourites this year. Adam Nevill I salute you!”

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