Michel Parry.

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I’m saddened by the news of Michel Parry’s passing. I first met Michel on an Arthur Machen literary walk in the area around my flat in Bayswater, London, hosted by Nicolas Granger-Taylor of the London Adventure (in 2004, I think).

I’ll remember Michel as a gentle and intelligent soul whose company and work I enjoyed at every encounter. My favourite work of Michel’s is actually FIRE POWER, a vivid and, at times, horrifying account of British mercenaries fighting in the Angolan war, who were led by a sadistic psychopath who called himself Colonel Callan. It was a huge bestseller in it’s time, a true HEART OF DARKNESS, but I remember Michel’s surprise that I was so familiar with the work – in fact, I even based an early story on one of its characters. I’m glad I took the opportunity to enthuse about the book with him one night, in a pub once frequented by The Golden Dawn and Crowley, near the British Museum (that I also discovered through the London Adventure). So long, sir.

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