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LOST GIRL – a novel that may be seen as different for me (though, to my mind, each of my books has, ultimately, gone its own way). This a thriller for sure, and may even be science fiction as it is set in the 2050s. Horror without a doubt, through depictions of a prescient universal horror (the consequences of runaway climate change), the occult, as well as the worst kind of personal horror an individual can experience (the loss of a child). Along with that, the story is my examination of a figure I have been fascinated with since childhood: the vigilante.

I twin this novel with NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE, in its treatment of brutality and violence. In terms of organising the material it’s also been the most challenging book to write thus far.
No final copy yet, but we do have this:

“It’s 2053 and runaway climate change has brought civilisation to the brink of collapse. Billions are threatened with starvation and mankind is slowly moving north in a world stricken by war, drought and super storm – easy prey for the pandemics that sweep across the globe. Easy prey, too, for the violent gangs and people-smugglers who thrive in the crumbling world where ‘King Death’ reigns supreme.

The father’s own world went to hell two years ago. His four-year-old daughter was snatched from his garden when he should have been watching. The moments before her disappearance play in a perpetual loop in his mind, as do the nightmarish fantasies of who took her, and why. But the police are preoccupied. Amidst the worst European heat wave on record, a refugee crisis, and the coming hurricane season, who cares about one more missing child? Now it’s down to him to find her, even if it means going to the worst places imaginable, to do the unthinkable  . . . “

Published October 2015.

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