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I really enjoyed drilling down in this interview with Literature Works, who have supported me for some time now with festivals, events and interviews.

So here lies the motivation and method behind LOST GIRL, with musings on runaway climate change, the collapse of civilisation, apocalyptic fiction, and some hints about what I am working on for 2017 … under the working title of YELLOW TEETH.

“The story has come from years of reading about the earth’s historical changes, and human history, as well as the current alteration of the climate and those potential consequences for civilisation. I didn’t want to set this book at a far distant time, or in a state of post-apocalypse or post-collapse, because it then becomes fantasy . . . There is no greater horror facing all of us than what we currently face. But just to ratchet things a little tighter, my parental horror had to come out in some form, so I imagined losing a child too, in a steadily collapsing world of diminished resources and compromised compassion …”

My thanks to Tracey and the team for letting me sound off again! And to anyone who reads these interviews. I do a lot of them and never really know who stays the course.



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