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This was my first DIY launch and I took along 70 copies. Instead of canapés and cocktails I opted for three dozen bottles of real ale. I thought that if 30 copies of the book were picked up, I’d be happy (and there were plenty of motorway service stations along the M5, on my journey home, with which to hawk from the car boot). But many came and 64 of you seized a Lost Girl. After the mass signing on Sunday, I returned home with a single copy. I now only have one copy of my new book, but I’d much rather other people had them.

The launch put a few volts through my weekend, so thank you for your support. It was additionally satisfying and a delight to see those Devon Dumplings vanish and to see Jim Mcleod get his book (you organised a good thing for a good man, Phil Sloman).

Special thanks to the Devonians, Mathew F. Riley and Paul Meloy, cashier and barman respectively. To Lydia Gittins too, who helped me out enormously from the moment I first hatched the idea (one tip alone from Lydia on how to arrange the tables was priceless). Cheers to Theresa Derwin and Gary Power for taking the pics and to Steve Shaw of Great British Horror for providing another amazing T shirt. This one features the Turkish cover of THE RITUAL with umlauts!

Good times, good friends. I always leave Fantasycon feeling a bit blessed to be a member of this community and to have made so many new friends since 2004 when I first took the Bfs FantasyCon oath, and the lanyard badge.

A selection of pictures from the launch, convention and awards below. Mostly taken by Gary Power and Theresa Derwin.


Fcon 2015 (1)

Promotional offer of Torbay real ale – The Devon Dumpling – in foreground

Fcon 2015 (12)

My brother and dad

Fcon 2015 (3)

Devonians helping me out – Mathew Riley and Paul Meloy

Fcon 2015 (4)

People came … the relief!

Fcon 2015 (6)

And they kept coming … thank you all!

Fcon 2015 (17)

BFS 2015 award winners


Tim Lebbon

Fcon 2015 (14)

Meal with friends and long terms dining companions in the Rye Café of Beeston


Two Adams: me and Adam Millard

Fcon 2015 (7)

Signing a copy for Jasper Kent

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