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I’m bringing the cocktail hour forward to noon. On Saturday, October 24th, at 12, I’ll be launching LOST GIRL at Fantasycon 2015. I delayed posting about this launch until I could actually see the books before my eyes, in my office … And this year there will be ample copies available too. They’ll be priced at £5 and there will be the additional enticement of a drink to accompany an acquisition of a copy (something unusual on offer, I hope, for ale drinkers, that has a specific connection to the story), so you can even start getting your load on at noon.

After the Lost Girl books are signed, I’m also happy to sign anything else that I have written that you wish to bring along. I may also be over-estimating the desire for my signature, but if I miss anyone at this launch, I’ll be around to sign books during the weekend. So, don’t be shy: if you have a book that you want signed, then I always consider it a privilege to make my mark.


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