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After 12 years of being a (mostly disgruntled) passenger on London Underground, I had to go and revisit those sinuses of the earth yesterday, to actually see a HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS poster with my own eyes. I did this because I truly was a struggling writer for the first half of my time in the city, and always used to gaze at the posters for books on the white tiled walls of the Tube, while wondering what it must feel like to be one of those writers … There was even one at Angel where it all started for me in 1999, and one in Pimlico station, near where I suffered a fate in publishing not unworthy of a GAME OF THRONES plotline (so I hope those involved saw it on their way into work). Well, the experience of going underground was fittingly frantic and grimy and people ran into me and I got turned around and disoriented in the infernal heat, but after so many years on the London wheel it was satisfying to have left a brief calling card in hell.


And these were sent to me from friends:

Baker Street
Bounds Green


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