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Sadly, London Horrorcon has been cancelled on September 1st and 2nd. Massive apologies to anyone I might have persuaded to go! I’m not sure exactly why the company behind the events has folded, but their demise has seen both the forthcoming Bristol and Birmingham Halloween Horror cons go out too – I had hoped to appear at both of those events.

The conventions were always fascinating events and a terrific way for me to meet readers and horror fanatics nationwide, so it’s disappointing. But I’ll let ya’ll know if anything arises on the live scene to fill the void, or if horrorcon reanimates in new form.

Meanwhile, I’ve amassed a large stock of my novels and I now have the perfect opportunity to broaden what my online store currently offers. Signed copies of my novels and paperback collections will gradually start appearing for sale here. So, if you haven’t had the dubious opportunity to meet my hideous visage in the flesh to get a book signed, they’ll all be in the store soon, should you want a book with my hoof-print upon the full title page.

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  • Emily says:

    Hi I paid to have pictures taken with Sid. I haven’t received a email or my money back. What’s going on in really unhappy with the poor management of this event!
    Regards Emily

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Hey Emily – I was merely a guest author at the event; I discovered it was cancelled through a FB post, and have heard nothing official yet. But the event has been cancelled. I imagine the company is dealing with the queries – so maybe contact them officially through the website or FB. Though I imagine you might have done so already. Anyway, really sorry to hear about this too. I’ve done a lot of their events and they were terrific – never had a single problem as a guest author, so it makes this particularly troubling. I’ve also lost a considerable sum on stock, shelves, new roller banner, 3 nights in a hotel …

  • Keeley Roughley says:

    Has the Birmingham horror con been cancelled too? In Edgbaston. I have paid for entry tickets and I can not contact anyone as I can not find their event page on Facebook.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Hi Keeley – as far as I know, the company has gone bust and stopped trading. But I have had no official explanation and only read the statements on FB.
    Sorry to hear about your dilemma too. A

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