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Chuffed with this review of LAST DAYS on the BOOKS FOR DUDES page at LIBRARY JOURNAL. US reviewers have been really positive about LAST DAYS, which is a relief to me because it’s the first time I’ve set scenes in America. I’ve had American lead characters before, but I always wrestle with idiom in dialogue (both internal and external). Bizarrely, the scenes with Officer Conway and Martha Lake came to me more uncannily than anything else has ever done, because I felt I was transcribing their voices, Crowley style. I worried I’d become so steeped in the history of the cult I might have begun tapping into something else … At the risk of sounding ludicrous I also suffered the occasional feeling that someone had entered the room to stand behind my chair as I worked on LAST DAYS; I’ll even admit to turning around to make sure I was alone in my office … The risks I take to entertain readers! “Verdict Excellent, suspenseful, wicked fun. OCD readers will need to block off a couple days—and I mean days; don’t read this at night.”

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