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  • Katy Bennett says:

    Looking forward to tearing into my copy when the weekend rolls around

  • Thanks for checking another book out, Katy!

  • Katy Bennett says:

    It was an easy decision to make 😉 do you find it gets more pressured with each book or easier to sort out the problems each one presents?

  • Hi Katy – I did worry about Last Days before I began writing it, as the previous two novels were more or less finished before Pan Macmillan signed me. So A16 and The Ritual had been written across six years with no pressure, deadlines, publisher, or readers … So could I write a novel in one year? As it happened, yes. But I do feel a bit of pressure now, on top of the pressure I apply to my own throat to maintain quality control. That'll always be high. I don't ever want to disappoint the people who read all of my books.

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