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The time has come again for me to roll out the chuck wagon, flip down the tailgate and raise the loud hailer. Because, Brothers and sisters of the United States and Canada, the LAST DAYS are upon you all! This book is published today in your great lands and will unveil to all that the Old Friends have returned and that the Unholy Swine walks upright among you!

LAST DAYS has also been fortunate to get a near full wheelhouse of strong reviews from the big trade bodies and journals, so forgive my immodesty by posting parts of them here:

There are books that spark the imagination. “Last Days” lit a bonfire. Spooky, eerie delight. This one made me perk up at unfamiliar noises and to examine the shadows a little more closely. Nevill should be ranked up near masters like Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. This is what a horror book should be.
Reviewed by Stephen L. Brayton, author of Beta for Suspense Magazine (February 2013)

 Horror fans will revel in this appropriately chilling tale of modern-day murder and mayhem that stretches back several centuries … This appropriately ghastly tale definitely lives up to its billing as a Blair Witch Project–style novel.
 Margaret Flanagan, Booklist

Obsession and megalomania, sex and power make for a sophisticated, literate and well-crafted paranormal horror.

This exceptional macabre tale stuns in its ability to inspire abject, primal terror. Readers will lose all hope of peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Highly recommended.
Library Journal – Starred Review

Fans of films about haunted places, otherworldly beings, and rituals gone terribly wrong will find this homage deliciously chilling.
Publisher Week, February 2013



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