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Some really insightful and entertaining interviews have appeared online that concern everything from adapting The Ritual, casting, the challenging conditions, the director’a aims and vision.

There is one with screenwriter, Joe Barton, and director, David Bruckner here.

And another with David at Daily Dead here

“To shoot in the Romanian wilderness was super challenging, though. We were racing winter because we never knew when the snows were going to come and once the snows come, you have serious continuity problems. We intermittently had to deal with hail, thunderstorms, and snow. We had an earthquake, and we had a bear problem, too.”

The third interview David takes with Bloody Disgusting here

“I always find that horror works best when it’s tethered to real-world anxieties and this felt especially relevant to me, both personally and as a broader exploration of masculinity in crisis.”



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