I put a lot of thought into these interview questions from Jason Baki, of Kamvision, which concern themselves primarily with the novel: the inspiration behind the story, the expressionist art theme, the street violence, the risk of using a misanthropic lead character, the theme of poverty and wealth in the novel, as well as alienation. We broaden out into modern publishing, the book trade, and my take on what is currently happening there, plus digital media and repercussions for fiction, and the future of horror. All in, a very comprehensive attempt at addressing a series of questions that were a real joy to get stuck into.


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  • Michael says:

    Great interview, Adam. It's always a pleasure reading answers which aren't the usual one sentence replies.

    Where you talk about wanting to read more sci-fi based horror a) I'm totally with you on that, and b) I'd like to point you in Peter Hamilton's 'The reality Disfunction'. Hamilton usually writes space opera, but in this book he entwines horor perfectly. To be frank it scared the shit out of me, to the point where I haven't bought the second book (it's apparently a trilogy, and it's touch and go as to whether I'll see the other books). Most of the horror takes place on planets also, so he doesn't fall back on the usual 'the clostrophobia of being on a spaceship' trick.

    Anyway, great interview and I cna't wait for my copy of Apartment 16 to arrive.

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