INK HEIST – CRITIQUE MY BOOKS. “It Dances in the Shadows Pt 1”

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Been a while since I have posted on this blog – it keeps getting hacked! I lost the will with dealing with it earlier this year, but have rolled up my sleeves and made even more changes to the security. Anyway, here is an in-depth investigation of all 8 of my novels, aimed at new readers and the curious from one of our leading horror critics, Tony Jones. Who also ranks the books by personal preference, which I always find intriguing.

A rough pattern develops here and elsewhere. I find some regular readers lean to my weirder spectrum, ‘A16’ and ‘House of Small Shadows’, while most lean to ‘Last Days’, ‘NOGOA’ and ‘The Ritual’. But great for me to see ‘Lost Girl’ ranked so highly, my most overlooked book.

There are also reviews of my two short story collections and my free book (available from the homepage of my website).

Very grateful for the time and your thoughts, Tony Jones. Much appreciated and in the attic the withered pale things have all risen and whispered your name (hungrily). I will endeavour to keep hitting the mark for my ideal readers – the most precious metals for writers in the literary cosmos.

Article here.

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