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“there was a sense of momentum present in the entire team from the moment that I jumped on, and I read the script that Joe Barton had written originally. That was my first entry into the project, and it inspired me to read Adam Nevill’s book. I fell in love with the whole thing, and, and convinced them to bring me on board, and it moved very quickly. Yeah, that was May of 2016 and we were in prep by early August.”

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  • obmedia says:

    Adam Nevill, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    My pleasure. Thank you for taking an interest.

  • Solly says:

    I didn”t read Omelas,when I was a young teen I read the first three stories of the Earthsea saga and I loved it, then many years later I did read other novels from Le Guin (included later parts of the Earthsea saga) and liked those much less, the later parts of the Earthsea saga sounded much less inspired and much more commercial to me, either because my tastes changed or because they really were worse, difficult to say. I think that “psychomyths are not the same thing as “tought experiments, it”s more like “emotive experiments. For example, think of the biblical Babel tower: it”s a symbol that is very powerful for nonbelievers too, because it strikes some psychological/cultural chord. I think that Le Guin was trying to write something like this, so more a question for a psychanalist or an antropologist (as le Guin”s father was, IIRC) than for a logician. And certainly the Babel tower has nothing to do with tought experiments.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    This may have appeared on the wrong blog, Solly. But interesting all the same!

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