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An unusual review of HOUSE OF SMALL SHADOWS. Better to affect than to not affect, I would say. I write books out of what feels like a compulsion, and some parts resemble eruptions from my own fathoms that make me uncomfortable, so I often wonder if certain parts distress readers. Horror takes many forms after all and means many things to readers.

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  • 25lisa03 says:

    I just finished reading House of Small Shadows, such a great read. I was hooked from page one and left wondering what will happen to Catherine now. I'm a big fan of yours and loved the mention of Eliot Coldwell, can't wait for your next book. Until then, will be re-reading the rest!

  • Thanks, Lisa. Much appreciated. All of the books are marginally connected – a few readers have started to notice. Gradually building my own little mythos.

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