His Dark Materials

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Recently, I was delighted to receive some original artwork by Gordon Rivers, all inspired by Apartment 16. And I think its a wondrous reinterpretation of the imagery in my book. To have invented an artist in Felix Hessen and to then have a real artist independently reinterpret Hessen’s creative vision is not only very exciting, but immensely flattering.

Alas, for some reason this blog won’t upload any of the images or the link, so the manual link will have to do for now (again).

You can see The Hooded Boy; Felix in a mirror; Two glimpses into the Vortex and more of Gordon’s work here:


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  • Nick says:

    Bloody excellent. Some of them exactly what I had envisaged. The Descriptive writing couldn't have been half bad, then, either!

    Is 'His Dark MATERIALS' a deliberate pun as a subject header?

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