Hell’s Shelves of Rue Morgue – Last Days Interview

By 11th July 2012Uncategorised

I have an in-depth interview with Alan Kelly over at Rue Morgue. The sociopaths among us, hippy death cults, plundering history, creating a mythos, the challenges of making a documentary into a novel, my first stab at police procedural and blending true crime with horror fiction, the influence of films, and taking risks with plot reveals … all this and more.

“Nevill has been dubbed “The Literary Bogeyman” by genre magazine SFX, and deservingly so. Last Days, which cunningly retools the “found footage” concept for a literary narrative, is a blood-curdling, no-holds-barred rollercoaster ride into the very depths of human and occult depravity. It’s a novel that can be read on many levels. It’s a meditation on collective fanaticism and how our culture mythologizes psychopaths, and a love letter to both classic and contemporary horror films. It’s even a cautionary tale for young artists: Always read the small print before signing a contract, no matter how fat the cheque is….”


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