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Hasty for the Dark: Selected Horrors is published today in four formats (hardback, paperback, eBook and audio). This book concludes my selection of twenty years of my own short fiction in two volumes. I made the decision to publish these two books in February 2016 and it’s mission accomplished today.

Folks on my mailing list, and at this month’s events, have left about a quarter of the limited edition hardbacks in stock. The other formats should be available everywhere online now, save the eBook which has an Amazon Kindle Unlimited exclusive.

All of my expectations about how Some Will Not Sleep would go down were exceeded by some margin, so a huge thank you in advance to all who make haste for this new collection of my horrors.

Here are some early reviews for the collection:

From Antony Watson at Dark Musings:
“Hasty for the Dark is a superb collection of stories, and a worthy successor to Some Will Not Sleep. In comparison to the earlier book, its horrors are perhaps more subtle, less overt but are no less effective for that. The grotesqueries of that first volume have been replaced by suggestion and more ambiguous terror but the stories here still do a grand job of horrifying the reader.” Full review here.

From Tony Jones at Gingernuts of Horror:
““Hasty for the Dark” undoubtedly has a broader range of stories that its predecessor. The nine tales are cleverly varied, exhibiting varied pace, chills which deal with the supernatural in both every day and altogether freakier situations, and other curve-balls which drop feet into other genres.” The full review is here

From Carmilla Voiez: “The collection is dominated by feelings of isolation in crowded environments, and dreams and psychosis as messages from other realms.” Full review is here.

And from The Grim Reader:

“Hasty for the Dark is a terrifying and varied collection of dark fiction, bringing together the best of Nevill’s more recent shorter works and it is perfect for reading this Halloween.
5/5 bad dreams from the Grim Reader” Full review here.

I have about one quarter of the limited edition hardbacks left at my webstore. The rest have sold through presales, so thanks to all who have picked up a copy. If you prefer other formats, the paperback, eBook and audio book are all available here at Amazon in the UK and here from Amazon in the US.

Enormous thanks to all who acquire these horrors. I’m raising both horns, all four hooves, and my stub of a black tail to you tonight!

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