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And amidst the fearful scampering of hiking boots through a wintry forest (that I endeavour to follow online regarding the film), another of my imminent horrors is also beginning to raise its horns on review pages.

I’m delighted to see that HASTY FOR THE DARK: SELECTED HORRORS has scored such a considered and favourable review at Anthony Watson’s Dark Musings. A really good start and I hope this augurs well for the reception of my second collection of horror short stories.

“This is a stunning book in every regard, a wonderful retrospective of one of the most gifted purveyors of horror fiction currently plying their trade. It’s t be hoped that this yearly ritual of short story releases continues into the future, I for one can’t wait to see what happens next.”

The book is available in four formats from October 31st, and the limited edition hardback is available now on pre-sales (I’m already close to the last 100 copies in that format before pub’ date, so am relieved as much as pleased that this book is proving as popular as Some Will Not Sleep so far).

Full review here

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