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They’re here. Prospect of a delivery today and the sky goes black, then it opens. But the rain stops and the earth is bathed with a wondrous light a few minutes before the books arrive. 300 limited edition copies of ‘Hasty’. To me, all things are omens and portents …

Last time I carried each heavy box, in total containing 400 copies of ‘Some Will Not Sleep’, from the drive to my office, in a hurry, in the rain (3 days before the launch in Scarborough). This year, I had an all-terrain vehicle that folds into different shapes like a Transformer to mechanise the process (and the books have come in 3 weeks before the launch).

But this marks the end of another long, often fraught, and tiring critical path to produce an artisan book of selected horrors from the highest quality materials. During this process, my face has often been clawed by my own paws, and sometimes I may have muttered obscenities at the strange invisible beings that beset me … But 20 years worth of my pick of my own short fiction is now collected!

Pre-order customers and launch attendees (Fantasycon 2017) get their copies first in thanks for their hastiness for another selection of my dark imaginings (not long on shipping, but they take time to pack carefully and process).

If any blog mates aren’t on my mailing list and want to pre-order too, the book is in my online store at my website. Publication date is set for Halloween 2017 …

[Carries buckets of sand and fire extinguisher into office to safeguard the hoard]


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