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My newsletter subscribers have seen this artwork, but here are the three original pieces that Simon Nevill created for the HASTY FOR THE DARK: SELECTED HORRORS limited edition hardback.

I looked at over 1000 portfolios and pieces of artwork for ‘Some Will Not Sleep’, before I found Mr Trece. And anyone involved in book production will know how long it can take to find the right artwork, followed by the back and forth on design. But, to my eyes, Simon nailed the artwork from my cover brief with his first set of roughs.

Our keyword was “M. R. James” – whose aesthetic we’ve both been familiar with from an early age (our Dad read his stories to us when we were boys, which also signalled my “awakening” as a writer). As you can see, this “appalling” fellow has the requisite “scant wisps of hair” and is also “painfully thin” …

Front cover of dust jacket and front board.



Rear cover of dust jacket and rear boards

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