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I’m honoured to have been asked to be a guest author at Fantasycon By The Sea, in Scarborough, 2016. I’ve been a BFS member since 2004 and in football terms I think of myself as a home-grown player. I remember my apprehensive first steps into the hotel in Walsall in 2004 and being immediately welcomed by Peter Crowther and Ramsey Campbell, who promptly invited me to dinner. It wasn’t long before I met Conrad Williams, Mark Morris, Tim Lebbon and Gary Fry (who even asked me for a short story). At my first ever Con’ meal, I sat across the table from Joel Lane, another literary hero, and then met Sarah Pinborough in 2005, who was in the room next door to mine in the hotel. Pretty sure Stephen Gallagher was on the other side that year. I’ve never missed a Fantasycon since 2004 and the lasting friendships I have made with many of the other members are very special – in fact, I’d go as far to say, that the BFS gave me an entirely new social life.

Each convention remains a highlight of my year, and is a time to spend with good friends and much of my literary peer group. It’s also a time of exchanging news, discussions about writing, books and publishing, and much camaraderie. As a mobile literary club and annual convention, I highly recommend it to all writers, artists, and publishers involved in the literature of the fantastic.

My thanks to the committee.

See you at the front!

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