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Sad to hear that Grey Friar Press is withdrawing from the indie publishing fray. Gary Fry was the first editor to ask me to write a story (this was in 2004), at my first convention. I was so thrilled that I wrote two stories – inc’ ‘Where Angel’s Come In’ – which he published in separate G.F. anthologies.

Since then I’ve written a few stories for Gary and Paul Finch’s Terror Tales’ series – Ocean, London and Lake District – making G.F. the publisher I have written the most short stories for to date.

Two of my G.F stories clambered inside three ‘Best Of Horror’ anthologies, and another was reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s ‘Hauntings’.

As I’ve always acknowledged, most writers go places and find readers because agents and editors and publishers have faith in them. No one does it alone, though writers, like actors, get most of the credit.

Couldn’t have dragged myself this far from hellmouth without you, Gary, so thank you, from all of us over here who chitter and skitter in the sawdust.



Cover - Terror Tales of the Lake District

London 3


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