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Getting a LAST DAYS review from a site called Book Bitch gave me pause after the repeat fistings I’ve had on Book Chick City. But this ain’t so bad: “has the knack of creating undertones of chilling terror in an engrossing book.”

In the Kingdom of Fools where we reside by a great stagnant sea, and look upon the dead birds beside our bony feet, we raised our thin faces to grin at this review from Horror Talk:

 Page 50: “Money problems are a bit overdone, aren’t they?”
Page 124: “Well…that’s disturbing.”
Page 230: “I’m too scared to pick this book up.”
Page 350: “I’m too scared to put this book down.”
Three days after finishing: “I wish I had more Last Days to read.”

Zombies and Toys came through for us too, so the skeletal outlines are fading upon their walls (for now): “Nevill’s story will send enough chills up your spine that you may want turn up the heat and leave all the lights on.”

In the attic, “they” scampered and mewled with delight at this one:

We thank you all!

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