Forbidden Planet Last Days Signing – Pics

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For some reason Hello Magazine skipped the event, but I had a fabulous time signing books yesterday afternoon. Massive thanks to Forbidden Planet Staff, plus Danie Ware and Chloe Healy for setting up the event in my home town, Birmingham. And also to those who turned out on a sweltering afternoon, including Michael Wilson of “This is Horror”, Simon Marshall-Jones of Spectral Press, and G R Yeates who all came from afar. 

Forbidden Planet, Priory Queensway, Birmingham

Wall of Nevill. Get in!

Shelves of terror.

Table of Unspeakable Evil

Transcriber of Dread and Unhallowed Rites

Transcriber with Servitors of the Forbidden Planet

Transcriber with High Priestess, Nicky, of the Hideous Planet

Night Gaunts down from Yuggoth: G R Yeates and Michael Wilson

Liquid Library of the Miskatonic (Old Joint Stock) with Yuggoth types: Michael Wilson, Simon Marshall Jones and G R Yeates

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