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FILMS RECS: the Quietus asked me for a piece on my favourite horror films, so I’ve assembled a Baker’s Dozen of personal highlights that I’ve seen in the last few years (even though one was made in 2006). Rather than trawling through the classics that we’ve all seen, I thought this might be more useful.

Excuse some clumsy syntax though, and some repeats from my blog (I am up to my plums in deadlines).

I had to whittle it down to fit a theme of 13 too, so the films listed below were also in the first version (it was hard to reduce it to 13):

Kill List
The Awakening
The Road
Lovely Molly
Maps to the Stars
Mr Jones

There’s also a nice little review of LOST GIRL on the first page from Sean Kitching, who has always taken a keen interest in my books, that I massively appreciate.

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  • Magnus says:

    Thanks for these! Most of them are new to me, and if they all have the same quality as Across The River (which you previously recommended) my Christmas is sort of saved.

    Best regards

  • Chris says:

    Ah, perfect timing! I was looking for a good horror to watch tonight (the missus is on her way out) and I always look out for your recommendations. I think I’ll give Absentia a try. I like the sound of Across the River too, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
    Did you ever see The Banshee Chapter? I found that to be a pretty decent low(ish) budget found footage(ish) creeper.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Hi Chris – I recommend all of those for a night in alone, with Kill List pipping The Pact. I don’t know why they put that in as 14, though I do like it. Yes, I have seen Banshee Chapter. Some good ideas there. Thanks for checking out the list and I am glad that it was useful.

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Thanks for checking them out, Magnus. I think they are all special. Merry Christmas.

  • Magnus says:

    @Chris. Across The River is available at
    Very much worth purchasing!

  • Chris says:

    Cheers Magnus, I’ll put it on my Christmas list.

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