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‘Revenge’ is an outstanding vigilante revenge fantasy imo, and as for ‘The Rover’ few do psychotic episodes in an arid landscape like the Aussies. I found it hard to look into Guy Pearce’s eyes and he kept up the same death stare for 90 mins … Never, ever, bump his car in a carpark! Not a new film, but as with ‘These Final Hours’, I worry how such good films can appear and disappear so swiftly and without me hearing about them?

Also have a soft spot for ‘What Keeps You Alive’, though, oddly, it uses the same conceit as ‘Revenge’. But I readily immersed myself in each story.

In these times, improbable revenge scenarios in which a variety of shit-heels are taken down hard, can be as soothing as a cup of sweet tea, while cosy on the sofa as the rain patters against the windows. Sometimes, it’s all there is.

All on Prime and all non-supernatural thriller/horror. In fact, let me sort out a video night for you: ‘What Keeps You Alive’ as a warm-up for ‘Revenge’, and then ‘The Rover’ so you can go to bed knowing that the world is fecked and that we’re a terrible species, but, low-life will cop it as well. Best case scenario.

Warning – lots of self-surgery in close-up detail. Have a cushion ready! I wriggled like a serpent.

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