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I really liked this horror film, even if it became two different films fighting to get out of the same sack. Though many have tried before, for me, this is one of few films that, while trying to ride the scaly tail of THE EXORCIST, actually captured some of that masterpiece’s spirit. And through sound as much as anything else (you need the subtitles on, though). The use of sound as a primary tool of unease needed far more restraint in the second half, as did the touches of hocus pocus (the film didn’t need them) and they tried, but mercifully failed, to spoil the story’s chilling tone. But I liked the inventive use of digital film making, that was found footage in feel, and it really helped what was, at times, an already uncomfortable, sad and pretty horrifying first half. Overall, it maintained tension and put the wind up me a few times too, which ain’t easy these days. Reminiscent of BORDERLANDS, and LEGION. The lead, Jill Larson, should have been in the running for one of those golden statues they gave out last night. Not a perfect film, and they should have entirely removed their eye from the more overt horror genre elements, but a real keeper.

And of those I have seen, this ranks as one of my favourite Cronenberg films. I was appalled and fascinated by the characters and the story; in fact, watching it revived some of the emotions I often had in my working life, in the media.


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