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Couple of outsiders, and I’m keeping all of my eyes on India for a bright future in supernatural horror. The opening 5 mins of ‘The House Next Door’ resembles a terrible pop video, but stick with it. The film is a fairly slick study and emulation of ‘The Exorcist’ with big J Horror influences, but given an Indian and Chinese spin (which it needed far more of – less soap, fewer Western leanings and more indigenous culture and mythology, I felt). Some affecting scenes pushed my weird button – I rewound a couple of scenes to make sure that I had actually seen … that …

The Ghoul’s first episode disappointed, but 2 & 3 grew on me. I give this mini-series points for originality because amidst the endless masked killers chasing high school kids, home invasions, etc, someone had a go at terrorism and state-sanctioned torture, and populist right movements backed by the military, but in horror, and underwritten with ancient Aramaic magic. Not sure I’ve seen horror go there.

Surely India is a country loaded with horror potential, as well as a huge film industry? A matter of time before we get an Indian ‘Ringu’.

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  • Tom says:

    Sweet. Something I haven’t watched on Netflix. Cheers. Also I am loving ur last days book. Just interviewed the barrister and got told of by max

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