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I am on a roll with horror films (in my Dad time). Watched THE PACT recently and thought it was another terrific supernatural horror film, powered by an engaging mystery. What I admired about this film was how the odd beat elements all meshed successfully in a horror story: a sun-bleached California setting, a newish house with bad wallpaper, the use of technology to move the story, a tough girl with a motorbike, the crazy end credits … none of the various parts seemed an easy fit with the atmosphere of horror, but all integrated so well together to give the film a really distinctive tone. Couple of scenes also really gave me the widdershins.

Another recent highlight was LOVELY MOLLY. A superb horror film. Disturbing and full of apprehension, and alluding to something hideous that is greater than us. Didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but made the time-honoured situations of horror feel vital. Bravo Eduardo Sánchez. There are four BLAIR WITCH style featurettes on the DVD; faux made-for-TV ‘mysterious world’ style documentaries, that give a history to the story. A history that is cleverly hinted at, but not necessary in the film, but make good companion pieces all the same.

BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO – the prospect of seeing this film got all of my tentacles wriggling, and I thought it was unique and stylish (also funny in parts) and I loved its paranoid, claustrophobic weirdness. The ending I found baffling in a way that wasn’t off putting, but have subsequently arrived at a satisfactory interpretation. Another film I intend to watch again soon.


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