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FILM REC’: I think for me, “at my age”, the horror films I much prefer are those that take themselves seriously. Those not too knowing, or trying too hard to be something already proven popular, reliant on spectacle, or winking at me, but those that feel more idiosyncratic to the creator and seem to depict something they find disturbing but compelling. That approach seems essential if you want to make the preposterous acceptable. I’d probably cite THE EXORCIST as the best example of a horror film that, to me, takes itself seriously (some episodes in series 4 & 5 of The Walking Dead also pushed that very button for me recently).
THE CANAL fulfilled this yearning I have for what I watch. It’s also a horror film that conjures an authentic sense of the occult, which needs to happen near subliminally, through artfully chosen imagery, and that ultimately alludes to a horror that would be unbearable in actuality. A keeper for sure. 

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