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Watched the psychological horror film, SLEEP TIGHT, last night and I thought it was terrific. A story Patricia Highsmith might have been pleased to have thought of. Directed by Jaume Balagueró, who has already made three of my favourite horror films – REC, REC 2 and THE NAMELESS (the actor who plays the Dachau survivor in THE NAMELESS, a film adapted from the Ramsey Campbell novel of the same title, is in this too). It’s a film that rubbed one of my raw nerves for about two thirds of the 90 minute duration and made me squirm. On a personal level this also rang my bell for another two reasons: it features some of my own literary preoccupations – exclusion, disappointment and obsession, and how they work in a character’s mind. And it’s also the story of a concierge in an apartment block! A job I held for close to 5 years in the West End of London. An occupation that is very authentically rendered in the film’s Barcelona setting. A quieter, lo-fi SNOWTOWN in some respects and has one of those great scripts that makes me wish it was based on a novel I could now read. Favourite line (in the context of the circumstances): “I’ve seen your Twitter profile”.

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