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Much I enjoyed in this tense and sinister tourist-trap horror. It’s a fairly simple hunt and capture premise, but I was hit with a twist of THE DESCENT, though this story is mainly shot above ground in rural China. This is also a refreshing depiction of the undead, as opposed to blue-faced shamblers in plaid shirts. Having enjoyed THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and LOVELY MOLLY so much, I finally checked out the director’s other films, which is how I found SEVENTH MOON. A keeper!

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  • Schez says:

    Hmmm, I've just been commenting how I haven't seen any decent horror movies for awhile (time is a huge factor).. Might have to look up some of your recommendations… 🙂

  • Most of the movies that Sanchez and Myrick put out after BWP have been really good, Seventh moon being one of my favorites. You really ought to check out Altered and The Objective, both really good scifi/horrors.

  • Yes, I rate The Objective highly, Jocke. Very good film I must watch again.

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