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As I have an enduring weakness for stories about ordinary men who take the law into their own hands and work their way through a bunch of shit-kickers (can’t help myself), I really enjoyed this gripping film. And anyone else who has felt one of their own shoes trying to edge from the path (that we all must walk) may appreciate this story too. In fact, if I ever tried to become an avenger it would probably go “as well” as this …

What is extraordinary is the budget it was made on and the endearing story behind its creation by two best friends – one acts and one directs. Another sign too that the films I most enjoy will probably be made this way in the future, if they aren’t already. If you buy the DVD make sure you watch “the making of” documentary. As one of the many, unknown but excellent, actors put it: Blue Ruin is “Good stuff made by good people”. I’ll buy that for a dollar.

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