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Titling this film ATROCIOUS may have been the biggest risk in the history of film, but I enjoyed it. I’d recommend it with the caveat that you need to be very patient. I don’t mind long builds in anything, and the build in this probably rivals that of THE INNKEEPERS, which I’m also a fan of. So it’s not wall-to-wall action by any means and not a single round is chambered if that’s your bag. But, for those who also like found footage horror that strives for realism (a family holiday in this case) that grows into the panic and disorienting chaos created with hand held cameras, there are some treats in this film. Owes much to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (not a bad thing in my book as groundbreaking films are precursors). The ending is competently executed, but I thought the opportunity for enigmatic bafflement, that the film was crying out for, was missed. Two major threats to suspension of disbelief also, but I’ll let that slide in the spirit of screaming people with night vision cameras.

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