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FILM REC’ – ACROSS THE RIVER. Micro-budget Italian film, but my favourite amongst the recent horrors I’ve watched, including IT FOLLOWS & BABADOOK (both of which I enjoyed). This film had an interesting set-up (ecologist alone in the woods) and deployed an inventive use of found footage/recording tech’. There are evocative locations, and the supernormal aspects never felt forced for the best part; they just seemed to appear as a natural consequence of the situation, which I really admired.

To my taste, a couple of scenes pushed the envelope harder than was necessary towards the end (less is more) but that strangeness of a place abandoned in the midst of its past life created a very strange quality. Also a good depiction of isolation, which always rings my bell. Comparisons to BLAIR WITCH’ are inevitable. Also reminded me of REC & DARK WATER (original) in tone and some imagery. So, if you dug “the feel” of those you may dig this.
Now, the cover of the DVD, in my opinion, is a spoiler/soiler. So if you check this out, don’t look at the cover … be creative! For this reason, I am posting stills from the main set …
Good spot by Paul M. Feeney, who reviews films for Gingernuts of Horror – thanks for the rec’, Paul! Best three quid I’ve spent in a while.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the tip. Will check that out.

    Currently reading No One Gets Out Alive and enjoying the hell out of it.

    Best regards,

  • Anonymous says:

    I did (finally) get the time to watch it, and I have to agree. Although not what one would call ”original”, it was an amazing movie. Also, it shows that big budget does not equal big scares (in fact the opposite seems to be true in most cases).

    Thank you again for the recommendation. If you have any more up your sleeves, please bring them to the table!

    Best regards,

  • Adam Nevill says:

    “it shows that big budget does not equal big scares (in fact the opposite seems to be true in most cases).” I totally agree when you consider Absentia, Borderlands, Deborah Logan, The Pact too. I’ll continue to post film reviews too. Thanks for checking the blog out!

  • MW says:

    ”Thanks for checking the blog out!”
    Thanks for writing great books!

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