Fantasycon by the Sea

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Fantasycon by the Sea … Just checked the car’s vitals, and despite some reservations about the driver-side front tyre, I’m blasting off from here Wednesday evening. Then splitting my journey in two, as it’s quite a treck from Devon, to arrive in Scarborough sometime on Thursday. My route is like a perfect diagonal line from the south west coast to the north east coast of this island. This means that I can use a compass instead of a satnav, which will be useful if I can’t stop and just plough straight into the sea and keep on going …

But, if I make it, up there:

On FRIDAY, I will be doing a Waterstones signing at 5pm for my novels.

On SATURDAY, I will be undergoing a Guest of Honour interrogation by my old friend, Mark Morris, between 11:00am and 12:00pm, in the Main Ballroom of the Grand Hotel.

Later on SATURDAY, from 4pm to 5pm, I’m launching SOME WILL NOT SLEEP: SELECTED HORRORS, the limited edition hardback. Again, this launch will be held in the Main Ballroom of the Grand Hotel. The launch will be catered with beer (mostly), wine, & non-alcoholic drinks – so customers can have a drink on Ritual Limited.

Now, for this hardback, which is a very high spec’ book, I will be selling it at a special Fantasycon price of only £20 for the book, and a mere £25 for the book and Black Metal Tee combo. That may sound pricey, but the book was very expensive to produce (for the love of God, no drinks on the table!). It is also beauteous to behold, but with a touch of the ghastly about it … Every purchase of the book also comes with two limited edition “artefacts”: a tear-proof bookmark and a signed postcard within a very nice envelope. There are 400 books, 400 postcards, 400 bookmarks in this edition (though I am only bringing a fraction of it with me). If you just wanted a shirt, the price is £10. (See pic below for bundle).

These book prices reflect a saving of 8 – 9 pounds, so are significant. But then it’s not every day that I’m a Guest of Honour anywhere. If you want the title page signed too, I will do so, but am only making my “mark” on an actual book if requested (erring on side of caution). But this will be the first opportunity to get a copy, and five weeks ahead of the publication date. So it’s a BFS Fantasycon exclusive, an organisation and event that has done so much for me as a writer, and for many years.

Other than that, signing a book is a great privilege and something that I never take for granted, so if you can’t make these launches, I will happily sign anything (save my own execution orders), anywhere, at pretty much anytime (in a communal area). So don’t be shy if you want a book signed.

The ever generous Brian J. Showers, has offered to stock SOME WILL NOT SLEEP at the Swan River Press table in the Dealer’s Room, during the convention. So if you can’t make the main launch, you can get a copy there, where the cover will grin amongst stacks of those excellent Swan River Press books.

I look forward to seeing so many friends in Scarborough, from both real and virtual dimensions. Travel safely.

Fantasycon by the Sea



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  • njhorror says:

    Where can I get the bundle after the con? Can I order it signed? Creamy or Chunky Peanut butter?

  • Adam Nevill says:

    Hi NJ, I hope to have the store operational this week on my website. The bundle will primarily be available from there, but the alone through my Amazon Trader account too. Every book comes with a signed postcard, which is also limited edition. I always go for chunky! Thanks for the interest too.

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