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Goes some distance into explaining why we are where we are, right now, in the West, both as divided societies and as anguished individuals within these societies.

A revelation on every page about the catastrophic damage that inequality (particularly status inequality) is inflicting upon our minds, health, behaviour and the environment.

What I really like about Pickett and Wilkinson’s angle, is that they are epidemiologists, scientists who study diseases, their outbreaks, spread, but also their prevention. An expertise they have turned upon the spread and consequences of inequality in society. Their ‘Spirit Level’ book is also a game-changer and essential reading.

In our culture of speedy SM newsfeeds, flashing screens and apps, the book was also an important reminder to me of how books remain an essential load-bearing beam in a civilised society. They reflect, they examine, they still the mind, they open eyes.

Most important non-fiction book I read in 2018. Could not have been published at a better time.


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