End of the Line

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End of the Line, the new Solaris collection of horrors underground is launched this weekend at Fantasycon 2010. I have a story in it. And here is the full track listing:

Introduction – Jonathan Oliver

Bullroarer – Paul Meloy

The Girl in The Glass – John L. Probert

The Lure – Nicholas Royle

23:46 Mordren (via Bank) – Rebecca Levene

End of The Line – Jasper Bark

The Sons of The City – Simon Bestwick

The Roses That Bloom Underground – Al Ewing

Exit Sounds – Conrad Williams

Funny Things – Pat Cadigan

On All London Underground Lines – Adam L.G. Nevill

Fallen Boys – Mark Morris

In The Colosseum – Stephen Volk

The Rounds – Ramsey Campbell

Missed Connection – Michael Marshall Smith

Siding 13 – James Lovegrove

Diving Deep – Gary McMahon

Crazy Train – Natasha Rhodes

All Dead Years – Joel Lane

Down – Christopher Fowler

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  • Michael says:

    Got it pre ordered. Although I'm being realistic here, the London underground is frigging frightening enough withou inventing anything else. For all I know this could be list of people's commutes.

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