Embassytown Book Launch – Shoreditch, London

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Here’s a few photos from the launch of China Mieville ‘s new novel Embassytown. A great party in Shoreditch of which I came away with only three photos; the others were lost in a spectral murk because I hadn’t switched the flash on. Dufus alert. I still don’t know how the camera wasn’t smashed under foot in retribution (particularly as I never switched the flash off). It still might be; it has been told. I’ve a history of turning recalcitrant mobile phones and PC mouses into fragments. Anyway, enough of my blather, here are the beautiful and talented people I managed to capture:

Conrad Williams and China
Chloe Healy of Pan Mac and yours truly
John Berlyne of Zeno, Chloe Healy, Mathew Riley of Book Swarm

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  • Looks like a good time was had by all lol. Hope the books are going good, I really enjoy your work and look forward to any new ones. I have not been asked recently to review any more for amazon so tell them to get some in stock lol

  • Michael says:

    So China has a shaved head, you have a shaved head…Surely writerly success relies on a chilly noggin! Must find the razor….

  • Thanks Jilly! The Ritual came out two weeks back, but we're not doing Amazon Vine this time: too many readers ask for horror titles while actively disliking the genre, only to then say why they hate it in bad reviews. Go figure.

    @Michael – I think no hair should be mandatory for writers.

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