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Delighted to have my story included in Ellen Datlow’s ninth volume of Best Horror of the Year. My third time in this excellent series, that still features my favourite cover art in a horror series. My story was originally published in Dead Letters, edited by Conrad Williams and published by Titan.

Here’s the full track listing:

Nesters                                                Siobhan Carroll

The Oestridae                                     Robert Levy

The Process is a Process All its Own  Peter Straub

The Bad Hour                                     Christopher Golden

Red Rabbit                                          Steve Rasnic Tem

It’s All the Same Road in the End      Brian Hodge

Fury                                                     DB Waters

Grave Goods                                       Gemma Files

Between Dry Ribs                              Gregory Norman Bossert

The Days of Our Lives                                Adam LG Nevill

House of Wonders                                 C.E Ward                            

The Numbers                                        Christopher Burns

Bright Crown of Joy                           Livia Llewellyn

The Beautiful Thing We Will Become  Kristi DeMeester        

Wish You Were Here                              Nadia Bulkin                      

Ragman                                                  Rebecca Lloyd         

What’s Out There?                                Gary McMahon

No Matter Which Way We Turned    Brian Evenson

The Castellmarch Man                          Ray Cluley

The Ice Beneath Us                                   Steve Duffy           

On These Blackened Shores of Time    Brian Hodge

The anthology is published by Sky Pony Press in June of this year.

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