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I’ve been delighted to see this kind of peer recognition and approval for David Bruckner and Imaginarium, the makers of the film. Good precis of it here at IndieWire. It was a first full feature for each of them and an indie Brit’ horror made on a modest budget. They may even have added a beast to the pantheon of horror creatures. Time will tell, but what a wild ride it’s been for all involved in ‘The Ritual’ since last October.

For me, on reflection, my maddest ideas that were written when I had nothing to lose, may ultimately have the longest legs and most robust hooves. Even with more to lose now, I won’t be changing my approach anytime soon. “Horror’s over, Horror’s dead. No one wants horror.” And on and on and on. I’ve been listening to that script since I began writing 20 odd years ago. Even if that were true, I’d go down with the ship. But I don’t think it is true. Horror is an enduring culture with many forms, continually regenerating and producing new, dark offspring.

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From Guillermo del Toro: “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! “The Ritual” at NETFLIX. Amazing and scary. With a beautiful creature designed by frequent collaborator Keith Thompson.”

From Mike Flanagan: “THE RITUAL on @netflix is seriously great. Wonderful performances and dripping with tension. Well done @bruckmachina”

And may more here

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