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DEAD LETTERS is out this week (Titan). I have a story included – ‘The Days of Our Lives’, that ranks as one of the strangest tales that I’ve committed to paper (so far).

The invitation to take part in this themed anthology just lit my fuse from the get go: for one thing, it had the marvellous Conrad Williams as editor, and the second lure was the original nature of the invitation to submit a story: an object was sent to me by post to inspire the tale . . .

Take a look at the track listing on the jacket, and here’s the blurb:

“The Dead Letters Office: the final repository of the undelivered. Love missives unread, gifts unreceived, lost in postal limbo. Dead Letters: An Anthology features new stories from the masters of horror, fantasy and speculative fiction, each inspired by object from the Dead Letters Office. Featuring original stories by: Joanne Harris * Maria Dahvana Headley & China Miéville * Michael Marshall Smith * Lisa Tuttle * Ramsey Campbell * Pat Cadigan * Steven Hall * Alison Moore * Adam LG Nevill * Nina Allan * Christopher Fowler * Muriel Gray * Andrew Lane * Angela Slatter * Claire Dean * Nicholas Royle * Kirsten Kaschock”



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