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This should have posted yesterday, but never left the dash, so here it is.

“The cliff-fall was two kilometres east of where he’d launched and where he’d watched the earth re-form into an aerial photo. Cliffs that were a part of ancient South Devon. Most of them forged from dark volcanics and shales, forming a mosaic with the regal purple, the rust and brassy pigments of Devonian slates: rocks minted 400 million years before, when this part of the earth was under a sea positioned south of the equator. His own county had given its name to that era in the earth’s long history: the Devonian, when its rocks were smelted in ancient elemental forges of fire, steam and pressure, raging beneath oceans now extinct.

Seated in his harness, he’d looked to the green water turning milky turquoise in one great stripe of sea. Further out the waters were stained a bitter Atlantic blue, finally turning indigo and sparkling silver, the distant horizon rimmed with white fire.

When he glanced back, the land lost the ramparts of natural obstruction at ground level and appeared flatter. No matter how many times he’d looked down upon this earth from altitude, the sight of how Brickburgh was revealed anew always startled him. A velvet fuzz of grass scarred white by tracks and roads. Trees imitating broccoli. Rocks at the shore lumpen and necrotic. Cloud shadows wafting like ghosts wearing actual sheets. Grey farm buildings imitating the hard Lego bricks that found the arch of his foot and cramped his toes to claws when his son stayed for the weekend.”

[All pics South Devon – Brixham & S.Hams]