Dark Currents

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Dark Currents is a short story anthology launched this weekend at Eastercon, and I have a story – The Age of Entitlement – included. Also marks my first appearance in a title by the impressive NewCon Press. Can’t recall ever being edited so thoroughly before either, by writers and editors Ian Whates and Ian Watson, but my story became more fluent as a result. Here’s the complete line-up:

Dark Currents ToC
1.      Introduction by Ian Whates
2.      The Fall of Lady Sealight – Adrian Tchaikovsky
3.      The Age of Entitlement – Adam Nevill
4.      Electrify Me – Tricia Sullivan
5.      Alternate Currents – Rod Rees
6.      The Barricade – Nina Allan
7.      Things that Are Here Now – Andrew Hook
8.      Loose Connections – Finn Clarke
9.      Sleepless in R’lyeh – Lavie Tidhar
10.    Damnation Seize my Soul – Jan Edwards
11.    Home – Emma Coleman
12.    A Change in the Weather – Rebecca J Payne
13.    Bells Ringing Under the Sea –   Sophia   McDougall
14.    In Tauris – Una McCormack
15.    Lost Sheep – Neil Williamson
16.    The Bleeding Man – Aliette de Bodard
17.    George – V.C. Linde

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