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Concatenation have also come through for M H Mason’s troupe of ragged actors.

“What we have is the story of a house – one with small shadows in it. The Red House, in fact (and the word ‘red’ obviously conjured up some connotations) which belonged to the late H. M. Mason, survivor of the Great War, but at a cost. For years, this master taxidermist and puppeteer hid himself away there creating many things, not all of which should see the light of day or the dark of the moon, but now he is dead and it is the job of Catherine Howard, late of London, a city where her heart and spirit were broken, to come to the Red House to do some valuation work. Catherine has lost out in the worlds of love and work, but she is damaged goods, stretching all the way back to her childhood when she was adopted and her only friend was Alice, who disappeared, never to be found, another victim of the Pied Piper of Ellyll. Yet the Red House is not empty. Mason’s ancient niece, Edith lives there and she is a ferocious guardian of her uncle’s work, and there is also the mute house-keeper Maude who warns Catherine in a note to go and never come back, but she has to come back, she has a job to do, and terrible secrets to undercover.

I hope someone picks up the film rights for this and turns it into a creepy, eerie film in the vein of Guillermo del Toro’s earlier movies, maybe with chillmeister, Stephen Volk (Ghostwatch, Afterlife) as scriptwriter.”

The Master of Revels struts out from the wings on his dog legs to bow with thanks …

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